Thank you Merritt College for supporting and Bone Marrow drive!

On behalf of Eriana, her family and friends would like to say Thank You very much! The kindness and helpfulness of the faculty, students and staff at Merritt College was amazing! Your enthusiasm and support was really helpful and heart warming and thank you for showing a lot of love to Eriana!

The time taken out of your busy school commitments to hear our message and take information and especially find time to perform swabs on site, is really encouraging and heart warming!


With our combined efforts to help save lives, we are truly making differences in families, friends and communities.

Please continue to learn more information about activities and mission to help patients find donors. For continued support and information about Eriana’s cure for Sickle Cell, please check her website for updates and any monetary contributions can be made on her GoFundMe page.

Thank you very much everyone! Good luck with your education goals and career endeavors! Have a happy 2016!



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