We are coming back to Hamilton Park in San Francisco for another BeTheMatch.org drive for Eriana. Come visit us!

Hi friends and family, and welcome visitors. 🙂

We know it has been a while! So here is an update: Eriana is now 4 years old. 🙂 We’ve reached out and have had many registrants, and have had some potential matches, but no luck yet. 🙁


Eriana still desperately needs a bone marrow transplant and she is looking for a bone marrow donor! 


That’s why we are grateful BeTheMatch.org along with Hamilton Recreation Center are helping with another bone marrow drive. Join us:

Saturday September 24th 2016

Hamilton Recreation Center

San Francisco, CA. 94115


Meanwhile, Eriana is still braving on. She had an emergency visit last month, but she toughed it out and is stabilizing…




If you missed out on this event last year, it was fun and informative! Eriana and her family and friends warmly invite you and all to come out for a great day of fun and information. She definitely needs help.


Eriana and her family and friends would like to thank you so much for your support. If you would like more information about BeTheMatch.org participation and registration, visit Eriana’s BeTheMatch.org link, or if you would like to make a GoFundMe donation to gather funds for this process.


Eriana thanks you so much! Her family and friends thank you dearly as well! Please come out and meet us all and if you have the availability and ability to contribute, thank you for helping to save her life. 🙂


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