Eriana’s event at Hamilton Park slideshow

Saturday was not only a beautiful day, but was great for Eriana too! Here just take a look:

Special thanks to Brothers for Change, Hamilton Recreation and Park Department,, Fillmore, San Francisco, and everyone that reached out to register as a Bone Marrow donor at the booth. Thank you!

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This is Eriana :)

This is Eriana. She is 3 years old. Isn’t she adorable?

Behind that innocent and pretty smile, Eriana has Sickle Cell Disease.

Sickel cell is a genetically inherited blood disorder. It is named for the shape of the red blood cells, where the red blood cells tend to collapse and become sticky preventing movement of blood and oxygen to the tissue. In Eriana, it causes severe pain and can damage affected areas. It is a lifelong condition she has to live with.

But a procedure known as a Bone Marrow transplant can fix it. Imagine, she will not have to live in pain and can live a normal life!

Eriana, her family and friends and generous and helpful organizations and groups, are ready to help her.

Please join us.

Thank you